1. Concept

    Zebra’s line of ballpoint pens that offers vivid colors and a light, smooth writing experience.
    Released 20 years ago, SARASA is still expanding in product lineup and color offerings in tune with customer needs and trends of the times, while continuing to strive for a quality that lets you keep writing to the last drop of ink.

  2. Use

    You can choose from a wide variety according to the scene of intended use. For example, SARASA CLIP lets you choose a color reflecting your mood, SARASA NANO has an extra-fine tip of 0.3 mm, and SARASA R offers denser, more vivid ink, while SARASA Grand exudes a sense of luxury.

  3. History

    SARASA CLIP was released in 2003. Its features include functionality such as a smooth writing experience to the final drop of ink, convenient click-action feature, and binder clip for easy carrying. The initial lineup of 10 colors has been expanded, making it a ballpoint that can even help express your mood.