1. Concept

    Zebra’s mainstream product line featuring the oil-based marker, Hi-Mckee.
    This classic Japanese marker has a simple shape for effortless use, combining functions and quality that make it convenient to use any time. The friendly and easy to remember name Mckee comes from the word “to mark.”

  2. Use

    A quick-drying, water-resistant marker that can be widely used on paper, fabric, wood, cardboard, glass, and plastic. It comes in a range of tip thicknesses, from ultra extra fine to extra bold, for versatile use in any situation.

  3. History

    Hi-Mckee, a double-ended marker that can write bold or fine lines, was first released in 1976, in pursuit of a convenience unprecedented in any traditional marker. It is a classic product that anyone who has lived in Japan has probably seen or owned at home.
    The pen shape clearly reflecting tip thickness and the logo with the double-headed arrow have not changed since the marker was first introduced. Now, 40 years since its release, Hi-Mckee is available in 17 variations.