Water-based Marker [Water-based Pigment] MILDLINER Brush [25 Colors] [Bruch Type]


Brush Type

Good for coloring, illustrations, card writing, marking, as well as calligraphy.

Mild Color

Mild and subtle color ink.
Useful in a variety of situations.

Rich in variety color

25 ink colors.
You can also make your unique, lovely notebook and schedule book and so on.


Water-based Marker

  • Twin type (BRUSH and SUPER FINE)
  • Mild Color
Writing Wides SUPER FINE 0.5 - 0.7 mm
Ink Water-Based Pigment
Size 148.0mm X 11.5mmØ
Weight 10.5g
Ink Color Number EAN Code 4901681
Mild Blue WFT8-MBL 424726
Mild Red WFT8-MR 424733
Mild Green WFT8-MG 424740
Mild Yellow WFT8-MY 424757
Mild Brown WFT8-ME 424764
Mild Pink WFT8-MP 424771
Mild Violet WFT8-MVI 424788
Mild Orange WFT8-MOR 424795
Mild Gray WFT8-MGR 424702
Mild Gold WFT8-MGO 424719
Mild Dark Blue WFT8-MDB 108107
Mild Blue Green WFT8-MBG 108114
Mild Smork Blue WFT8-MSB 108121
Mild Magenta WFT8-MMZ 108138
Mild Vermilion WFT8-MVE 108145
Mild Cyan WFT8-MCYA 425426
Mild Summer Green WFT8-MSG 425402
Mild Lemon Yellow WFT8-MLY 425457
Mild Coral Pink WFT8-MCOP 425471
Mild Lavender WFT8-MLV 425488
Mild Apricot WFT8-MAP 425495
Mild Dark Gray WFT8-MDGR 425419
Mild Marigold WFT8-MMGO 425440
Mild Citrus Green WFT8-MCG 425433
Mild Fuchsia WFT8-MFU 425464
5 Color Set WFT8-5C 424917
NC 5 Color Set WFT8-5C-NC 424924
RC 5 Color Set WFT8-5C-RC 424931
N 5 Color Set WFT8-N-5C 425617
HC 5 Color Set WFT8-5C-HC 425624